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2 Player Sit Down Arcade Cabinet Flat Pack Kit - Black

2 Player Sit Down Arcade Cabinet Flat Pack Kit - Black

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Control Panel Plexi
Hole for U-Trak Trackball


  • Full size sit down arcade cabinet kit
  • Adjustable MDF VESA mount bracket and bolts included
  • All fixings and instruction sheet included for self assembly
  • Joystick bolts included
  • Suitable for various projects including JAMMA and Raspberry Pi
  • T-Molding slots pre-cut
  • Compatible with 24" monitors
  • Most popular joysticks will fit, including Sanwa, Seimitsu, SuzoHapp, IL, Zippyy and illuminated joysticks
  • Most popular arcade buttons will fit, including Sanwa, Seimitsu, SuzoHapp, IL, Gold Leaf and illuminated
  • Black finish
  • Supplied in flat pack form for self assembly
  • Trackball cut out option available – compatible with U-Trak 3” Trackball


Carcass Material: 18mm Black MDF
Monitor Back Plate Material: 12mm Black MDF
Number of Players: 2 Player
Assembled Dimensions: 850 (W) x 730 (D) x 1200 (H) mm
Control Panel Dimensions: 815 (W) x 350 (D) x 720 (H from floor) mm
Number of Components: 20 flat packed items
Accessory Components: 29 x Modesty Blocks 22 x 12mm Woodscrews piano hinge)
86 x M4x25mm Woodscrews (modesty blocks)
6 x M4x30mm Woodscrews (monitor horizontal supports)
8 x M25x16mm Hex Socket Bolts & Nuts (joystick)
4 x M5x25mm Hex Socket Bolts & Nuts (control panel)
4 x M4x30mm Machine Pozi Pan Head Bolts & Washers (monitor fixings)
6 x 40mm Machine Pozi Pan Head Bolts, Nuts & Washers (monitor 12mm MDF bracket)
8 x 50mm Machine Pozi Pan Head Bolts, Nuts & Washers (vertical and horizontal supports)
1 x Piano Hinge
4 x Hinge Packs
Required to Assemble: 2 Persons
Philips Screwdriver
Adjustable Spanner
3mm Allen Key
5mm Drill Bit and Drill
Monitor Compatibility: Compatible with VESA 75mm and 100mm square hole pattern, and 200mm x 100mm.
Monitor / Screen Compatibility: Compatible with up to a 40” monitor.
Joystick Compitability: Compatible with Zippyy, Sanwa, Seimitsu and others with SE mounting plates.
Button Compatibility: Compatible with 28mm and 30mm buttons, including Suzo Happ, Industrias Lorenzo Convex, Seimitsu, Samducksa and QanBa.
Trackball Compatibility: U-Trak Arcade Trackball
Number of Player Joystick and Button Holes: 2 x Joystick holes (1 x per person)
12 x Player Button holes (6 x per person)
4 x Action/Admin Button holes (2 x per person)
T-Molding Compatibility: Compatible with 3/4” (19mm) T-Molding, that fits a 1/16” (1.58mm) slot.

2 x Side panels front facing only - 2m
Base Panel front facing - 1m
Control Panel circumference - 2.5m
Storage compartment lid circumference - 2.1m
Total 25ft (7.6m)

Extra options (on request):
Side panels full circumference - 5.6m
Monitor vertical supports - 5m
Total 35ft (10.6m)

We recommend purchasing 25ft (7.5m) of T-Molding to complete the Arcade Kit.
Package Dimensions: 880 (L) x 660 (W) x 150 (H) mm / 26kg
960 (L) x 800 (W) x 150 (H) mm / 26kg
Package Weight: 52kg

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2 Player Sit Down Arcade Cabinet Flat Pack Kit - Black

This 2 player sit down arcade cabinet kit is manufactured from 18mm MDF and professionally cut on a CNC machine for perfect precision every time. This 2 player flat pack sit down arcade cabinet kit features a 2 player layout, black finish, storage cupboard with doors on the front and is compatible with VESA monitors up to 40". An adjustable wooden VESA mount and bolts are included in the box with each kit. The control panel is pre-drilled for 2 x joysticks and 8 x buttons per player and the button holes are 30mm in diameter, so compatible with many of the popular brands on the market, including Sanwa, Seimitsu, IL, Suzo Happ, classic arcade buttons and more. The joystick holes are recessed, so most of the popular joysticks on the market will mount in this kit, including Zippyy, IL, SuzoHapp, Sanwa and Seimitsu. Each kit has been pre-slotted for t-molding. This 2 player sit down arcade cabinet kit comes supplied with joystick bolts, instructions and also includes all fixings required for self assembly.

Pre-Drilled Plexi For Control Panel Option:
This kit is available to order with or without a pre-drilled plexi for the control panel. The clear plexi is a good option to choose, when you intend to put artwork underneath. This can be selected from the options above when ordering.

Control Panel Options:
Available to order with or without a trackball cut-out – select from the drop down at the time of order. The trackball cut-out is compatible with the 3” U-Trak Trackball. Simple to assemble and add your own arcade joysticks/buttons, T-Molding and Raspberry Pi, JAMMA or IPAC to complete your very own arcade project.