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Kaspersky Total Security, 5 Devices, 1 Year

Kaspersky Total Security, 5 Devices, 1 Year

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  • United Kingdom (UK)


  • Kaspersky Total Security includes antivirus and firewall to protect your devices from viruses, attacks and malware
  • Helps you protect your PC, Mac and Android phones and tablets
  • Secure connection gives you privacy via virtual private network (VPN) technology
  • Protects families against viruses, attacks, fraud, spyware, cybercrime and more
  • Protects your privacy - By blocking phishing, spying and online behaviour tracking
  • Automatically adds extra security when your family's online shopping or banking
  • Includes Kaspersky Safe Kids - To protect kids on PC, Mac and mobile devices
  • Password Manager securely stores website and account passwords - For easy access from all devices; safeguards precious photos, music and memories - with backup copies and encryption
  • On installation, you will automatically be given the upgraded version of your Kaspersky product regardless of what it says on the packaging


Number of Devices: 5
Number of Years: 1
VPN Included: 300MB Daily Limit

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

Operating System: macOS Big Sur (11.0) or later

Operating System: iOS 15.0 or later

Operating System: Android 8.0 or later

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Kaspersky Total Security, 5 Devices, 1 Year

This is the latest version of the software available from Kaspersky, so you are always up to date.

Kaspersky Total Security
Complete protection for your PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices so you can surf, shop, and bank safely.

All your security needs in one product
Get the unmatched feeling of security with award-winning protection against hackers, viruses and malware. Plus payment protection and privacy tools that guard you from every angle. Included premium features:
  • Free VPN with up to 300MB of traffic per day
  • Free Kaspersky Password Manager Premium
  • Free Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium

Windows | macOS | iOS | Android

Complete defense against cyberthreats
Our triple-layer protection system works 24/7 to secure your devices and data. It blocks common and complex threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, spy apps and all the latest hacker tricks.
  • Proactive detection
    Locates device vulnerabilities & threats
  • Real-time protection
    Blocks cyberthreats before they take hold
  • Instant neutralization
    Isolates & removes immediate dangers

Privacy protection you can depend on

Get online privacy & freedom with VPN

  • Encrypt your data on risky public Wi-Fi
  • Hide your IP address, even from your ISP
  • Ensure your online actions aren’t logged
  • Connect to ultra-fast private servers

Protect your money, identity & privacy

Get online privacy & freedom with VPN

  • Make payments via an encrypted browser
  • Stop identity thieves with Anti-Phishing
  • Prevent keyloggers from recording your keystrokes
  • Lock your Android apps with extra security

Keep your kids safe online & in the real world

GPS tracking & alerts
Find your kids on a map, define a safe area for them to stay in and get alerted if they leave it.

YouTube Safe Search
View your kids’ YouTube search history & stop them searching for inappropriate adult topics.*

Website filters
Block adult content and customise a list of sites your child can only visit with your permission.*

Screen time & app usage
Limit your kids’ screen time per day, per device – and manage their access to games and apps.*

What’s inside Kaspersky Internet Security?

Anti-Virus Defense
Multi-level protection built to identify, isolate & remove all types of malware.

  • Real-Time Antivirus
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention (Windows Only)
  • Trojan Remover
  • Instant Threat Detection

Prevent unauthorized access & hijacking of your computer and mobile devices.

  • Two-Way Firewall (Windows Only)
  • Payment Protection
  • Anti-Ransomware (Windows Only)
  • App Lock

High-Tech Protection
Advanced scanning to detect fileless malware & Zero-Day threats.

  • Malicious Link Detector
  • Malware Defender (Windows Only)
  • Application Control
  • Custom Hardened Browser

Privacy Protection
Encrypt your personal & browsing data while stopping cybercriminals from spying.

  • Smart & Fast VPN
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Private Browsing
  • Webcam Protection

Extended Protection
Protection features for your home, Wi-Fi network & peripherals.

  • Password Manager
  • Network Attack Defender
  • Ad Blocker (Windows Only)
  • Keylogger Protection (Windows Only)

Additional Features
Tools to enhance your security, device performance & digital experiences.

  • Application Manager
  • Gaming Mode (Windows Only)
  • Fast & Light Security
  • Device Security Dashboard
Kids Protection
Advanced parental controls to track, filter & protect your kids’ online activities.
  • Adult Content Blocker
  • Screen-Time Management
  • YouTube Safe Search
  • GPS Child-Locator

* Full functionality is available for PCs, Mac computers and Android phones & devices. Owing to restrictions with the operating system for iOS devices, it’s not possible to block children’s iPhones & iPads; web control is only available via browsing through the Kaspersky Safe Kids app, and for app management, it's only possible to apply age-appropriate limitations.