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Sinden Arcade Pedal

Sinden Arcade Pedal

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  • Commercial arcade quality construction
  • Made with solid metal materials, aluminium and steel
  • USB connector, pedal action triggers a USB keyboard press
  • Compatible with PC, Raspberry Pi, Android, Mac and any system that supports USB keyboard
  • Perfect addition for a home arcade cabinet
  • Designed for use with the Sinden Lightgun but compatible with all other lightgun devices such at the Ultimarc AimTrak and more
  • Inspired by real Time Crisis arcade pedals
  • Can be used to play multiple versions of Time Crisis and other light gun games on emulators
  • Powder coated metal for durability
  • Manufactured in England, UK


Colour: Black
Material: Injection molded ABS plastic

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Sinden Arcade Pedal

Official Sinden Lightgun Pedal for the ultimate immersive shoot 'em up experience. A custom designed Time Crisis arcade style foot pedal. Made from powder coated solid steel made to a commercial standard of strength. It is designed to give an arcade quality look and feel. This a perfect way to play Time Crisis and other arcade shooting games alongside a Sinden Lightgun. It is possible to use 2 at the same time for supported 2 player games.

The pedal inputs to your PC, Raspberry Pi or other device as a keyboard. You can set it to a custom key using the software or just use it straight out the box where it outputs a “c” key. You can use it with any lightgun device but specifically you can additionally combine it with the Sinden Lightgun inside the Sinden Lightgun software and assign a lightgun input to it instead. So for example it can be set to match whatever your Sinden Lightgun pump action is. So you can then use either input in your game without needing to change config. You can also use 2 pedals on the same system also.

It comes with a generous 5m long USB cable just like the Sinden Lightgun so you are not limited on where you want to use it.