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Sinden Lightgun

Sinden Lightgun

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  • Fast response, 60 frames per second
  • Speed equal to CRT light gun
  • No sensors or external hardware required
  • Does not need re-calibration even when switching displays
  • Supported by all the major emulators
  • 10 inputs (trigger, pump action and buttons)
  • Offscreen reload
  • No external power required, just connect to computer USB
  • Full support for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi
  • Prototype Android support
  • Prototype PS1/PS2 support (requires physical mod with additional hardware to connect)
  • 5m USB cable
  • Works on all modern displays including LCD, OLED, Plasma
  • Works on CRT
  • Works on projectors but bulb or laser projectors are recommended over budget LED projectors
  • Useful wiki for setting up emulators
  • Friendly Discord with over 7500 members for advice and discussion


Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Grey
Recoil Function: No
Connection: USB
Material: Tough ABS plastic
Compatability: LCD, OLED, Plasma, CRT, Projector (bulb or laser projector recommended)
Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Prototype Android support, Prototype PS1/PS2 support (requires physical mod with additional hardware to connect)

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Sinden Lightgun

The Sinden Lightgun is the world’s first true LCD compatible Light gun, providing all the functionality and game experience of the original CRT Light guns without requiring additional hardware such as infra red sensor bars. It does not require constant re-calibration and remains perfectly accurate even if you change position or angle.

It is always accurate even if you change position or angle which means you can ditch the crosshairs!

The Sinden Lightgun communicates by controlling your mouse cursor which ensures compatibility with nearly all Windows and Linux applications that can use a mouse including (but not limited to):
Mame, Demul, M2 Emulator, Supermodel, FCEUX, MEDNAFEN, PCSXR, PCSX2, Dolphin, ZSNES, RetroPie, RetroArch, TeknoParrot and other standalone PC Arcade Dumps, PC games such as House Of The Dead 2/3/Overkill and Blue Estate.

This means it’s possible to play all your favourite Light gun games such as:
Duck Hunt
Time Crisis 1/2/3
Virtua Cop 1/2/3
House Of The Dead 1/2/3/4/Overkill
Point Blank 1/2/3
Terminator 2 Arcade
Star Wars Trilogy
Jurassic Park: Lost World
Mad Dog McCree
Battle Clash
Wild Gunman
And many many more.

The Sinden Lightgun calculates where you are pointing on the screen over 50 times a second and provides a complete end to end calculation in less than 20ms. As it remains completely accurate no matter how long you play or if you move positions you can turn off your crosshairs and enjoy a completely authentic Light gun experience.

How does it work?
The Sinden Lightgun software adds a thin border around your television display. The hardware is an optical based system which uses this border to visually calculate the aiming position.

The Sinden Lightgun can also calculate the angle you are pointing at the television and also your relative distance which hopefully in the future can open up new gaming concepts and interactions.